Small business insurance and the health-care tax credit

The bedrock of American business lies in the small business sector and, if there was any justice in this world, the small business sector would be encouraged to offer health plans to their employees. So it was good to see the Affordable Care Act apparently offer support. In theory, any small business with less than 25 employees who have an average pay of less than $25,000, can claim a refund of 35% of the premiums paid in the first three years. After 2014, the credit rises to 50%. This sounds good until you hear that only about 170,000 of the eligible firms claimed the credit in 2010. That about 17% of the intended recipients. So what is going wrong when the research evidence shows that more half the small business currently trading offer health plans?

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Health Incentives Reduce Small Business Insurance Costs

In this tough economy, it’s no small financial matter to include health insurance for your employees as one of your primary business insurance costs. In fact, it’s often so expensive to provide benefits to workers that many employers simply can’t afford to offer coverage at all, leaving even the most valued employees without affordable health care. One way businesses can reduce the expense of health insurance is by being proactive about health care and offering health incentives to employees directly.

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Protecting your Cash Flow with Small Business Insurance

Keeping your business running steadily is on everyone’s mind during these tough economic times, and the right small business insurance policy can help protect you. For example, if you have problems at your existing location, and need to relocate, the right insurance policy can mitigate financial loss due to lost income during your transition.

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Business insurance and the role of Colossus

Well, the roots of the name as applied here start during World War II with the very first computer used for code-breaking named Colossus after one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We then move forward to 1965 when D F Jones published a science fiction novel about a computer taking over the world. A few years later in 1970, the movie industry jumped on the bandwagon and filmed the book (or at least took the idea from the book and made a movie about a supercomputer first dominating the US and Russia, and then exercising control over the world. The movie is famous for its last line which is that “. . .freedom is just an illusion.”

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Business insurance and first-of-kind products like AquaBounty

When you look at today’s markets, many of the products currently experiencing strong sales did not exist one-hundred years ago. Indeed, the market tends to reward manufacturers who are creative and innovative, who engage in research and develop something genuinely new. Of course, consumers do not simply rush out of their homes at the first announcement of a new product launch. The majority work on a wait-and-see basis. If the word-of-mouth is strong, they will then jump on the bandwagon and propel sales into the million of units per year zone.

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Insuring a Car Repair Shop with Small Business Insurance

The types of risks that are associated with, for example, opening up a small office compared to running a car repair shop are completely different. Understanding the ways in which a car repair shop may leave you vulnerable is extremely important, especially when it’s time to shop around for the right insurance policy to provide coverage for your business

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Real Estate Office Small Business Insurance

Real estate agents are in a pretty lucky position. The business model itself is set up to make generous commissions with very little start-up cash, making real estate a very tempting career for many. However, despite the obvious benefits to becoming a real estate agent, like setting your own hours and avoiding life in a cubicle, there are some special considerations in becoming a real estate agent or starting an office, especially when it comes to insurance policies.

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Bakery Small Business Insurance: What to Consider

Virtually every small business will benefit from the right insurance protection, but not every business is vulnerable in the same ways. Most businesses will need protection for their building, and for their employees, but what about the extras that come with a business involving a kitchen in the back? A bakery has some very specific needs and vulnerabilities that should be addressed in any policy they consider.

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Small business insurance when planning events

When life was simple, parents would ask a few friends around or businesses would take small groups to a local pub or hotel. Now there’s a whole new industry called event planning which deals with everything from a wedding to major conventions. So this is a complicated business to be in. One minute you may be booking a clown for a children’s birthday party. The next, you may be talking to the Governor and arranging for speakers to fly in for a conference to discuss how to react to Obamacare.

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Small business insurance for exports

In the good old days, selling depended on a mixture of boots on the ground and the circulation of ads and hard copy marketing materials. This tended to restrict most small businesses to selling locally. Insurance was therefore set up based on a domestic business model. Well that was then. Today a website can bring in customers from anywhere with access to the internet. Indeed, with SEO services working overtime, your business can be on top of the Google rankings and sell around the world. The only limits are on your ability to supply the goods to meet demand.

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