18 tips for saving money on Business Insurance and Finance

  • Review your business insurance policy expenses. Using an umbrella will reduce your business insurance costs
  • Think about a four-day work week. Your workers will definitely be pleased with a three-day weekend
  • Perform banking operations early in the day.  Making deposits early in the morning will allow you to generate interest the very same day.

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Ten Things to Consider When Saving Money on Business Insurance

We are happy to welcome you on our site dedicated entirely to small business insurance. Here you can find all the necessary information you need to know about business insurance and find ways of reducing your small business insurance expenditures.

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More about health insurance

The general statistics show that health insurance premiums have been rising faster than inflation in the business sector while the extent of the cover is being more narrowly defined. It is the old “less for more” syndrome. Insurance companies are not unjustified in raising their premiums. They can point to the rising costs of drugs and medical devices, and the increasing charges levied by hospitals, clinics and professional health care providers. Since their costs are rising and their investors expect a dividend, premiums must rise.

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Did you know Microsoft started during a recession?

Wherever you look right now, there is bad news on the economy. Unemployment higher than for the last twenty years and more. Personal levels of debt almost unmanageable. Foreclosures crashing like waves on the suburbs and exurbs, washing away property values. The Federal Government going a trillion and more dollars into debt for the bailout and stimulus package (and then the budget to be added on top). However you try to spin it, this is a bad time.

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What exactly is insurance?

Whenever you start talking to your broker or to a company direct, it’s easy to assume you know exactly what insurance is. You pay a premium and, when you get into trouble, the policy pays out. Except, sometimes, it does not pay as much as you were expecting. So let’s have a quick look at the nuts and bolts of the machine and see what makes it work. According to the experts, insurance is a way of managing risk. What happens is that individuals or businesses pass their risks to a purse holder.

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Retirement planning for business people

The majority of people who start up a business want to define an exit strategy. No-one intends to work until the final days before they die. Even if they want to go for something long-lasting to pass on to their children, there has to come a time when they retire, put up their feet and enjoy a few years of peace. Most surveys find around two-thirds of all business owners hope to retire within the next ten years.

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Do you need key person insurance?

There’s an old saying, “No-one is indispensable”. In theory, it does not matter who you are or what work you do, you can always be edged out or replaced. This even applies to the hardworking owner. As and when retirement beckons and the business is put up for sale, a buyer can come in and continue as if nothing had changed. It’s all a matter of specific skills and personality. If people are comfortable around you and you drive the business forward, you are the key person for now. Ask anyone and their immediate reaction may well be that “you” are the business.

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Insuring your business trough an agent or online service: what’s better?

Getting insurance quotes and buying a policy without leaving your office with only a few clicks of the mouse is nothing new these days. Many insurance companies have their activities ran online, and while the real-world negotiations are still prevailing, the number of businesses employing online insurance services is steadily growing. In case a business owner follows certain tips on quoting and buying insurance online, this form of insurance purchase can offer significant saving options.

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What are the insurance needs for nonprofit businesses?

Even when the economy is doing well, there are a wide range of activities undertaken by nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations. There are a number of reasons for this. Culturally, the idea of volunteering your time for a good cause has always been strong. People are always prepared to give their time in providing a range of services to those in need. When the economy weakens and a recession tips more people into poverty, the need for volunteerism becomes greater.

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