Small business insurance against disability

When everyone else around you slows down at the end of the working day, you are the one still working hours later when they have all gone home. This is part of the positive commitment everyone has to make during the start-up period. You are the can-do guy, the energizer bunny who keeps on working to get the business up on its feet. Then, just because it starts to pay its way does not let you off the hook. Now you are all about growth.

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Small business insurance and those winter blues

Unless you live on the equator at at one of the poles, we seem to be getting a lot more weather these days. This may not be quite what we were expecting from the so-called global warming, but there does seem to be more snow during the winters, and the range of heat to tornadoes to storms during the summer seems to be getting more extreme. As small businesses, we have to keep going no matter what is happening around us. We live or die by being there to sell the goods or supply the services.

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Business insurance for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit and non-for=profit organizations have always been an active part of American society, recruiting volunteers in different activities such as sports, charity, mentorship programs and many others. But because such organizations are closely involved with serving the public, they usually face higher risk compared to typical profit organizations. So getting such an organization insured is an important aspect of its success. Fortunately, there are incentives for nonprofits concerning insurance in the federal legislation and this could be a very good stimulation of covering your nonprofit organization to the right extent.

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Business insurance disability coverage

It can turn out quite expensive to insure your business. But if there was such an insurance product that would both provide your employees with the necessary coverage in specific situation and have a good cost in general? Fortunately for most business owners, there’s such a type of insurance – gap or disability insurance. Having a disability insurance policy is a very good way top secure your workers in extreme situations caused by their work, and save you some money with its tax deduction ability.

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Small business insurance includes health plans for employees

There’s one inescapable fact. No matter what you think of the politics of the healthcare reform law pushed through by the Democrats, small business has the task of dealing with the reality of the reforms now. Indeed, business owners could well find themselves caught in the middle. On the one hand they are expected to provide additional coverage to their employees. But with the increase in the coverage is likely to come a bigger bill for premiums. You never get something for nothing in the insurance world.

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Small business insurance and the new tax breaks

One of the worst aspects of the current economic reality is the continuing level of unemployment. While it continues at or around the 10% mark, it’s going to depress the amount of money spent on Main Streets up and down the US. People worried whether their next pay check will arrive are preferring to pay down their debts rather than spend. Combine this with the unwillingness of the banks and credit card companies to be more generous with credit limits and you have a perfect storm for small business to weather.

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Business Insurance Policy Basics

With both the economy and the job market taking a hit in America over recent years, more and more Americans are looking to run their own business or become self-employed. If this is a step that you have considered taking, or are a small business owner already, then you may have already learned how important insurance will be for your business. If you are new to the small business game, and know that insurance is a part of the self-employed life, then you will want to inform yourselves on the basics before you begin looking for insurance quotes. Here we will cover the basics on insurance for small business and you will see that you can still take steps to protect your business investment, without spending a fortune.

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How to Buy Business Insurance

When you are looking for insurance for small business, it can feel like you are caught in a little bit of a dilemma. You want to be sure that you cover absolutely everything you want covered for insurance protection, but you are a small business running in a tight economy and probably don’t want to spend a fortune. If you are looking for ways or tips on how to buy insurance for your small business, you will want to read this article to find invaluable saving tips that will help you protect everything your business needs, and still save you money.

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Business insurance and winter storms

This year’s winter seems to have produced more than its fair share of headlines with snow and ice yet again shutting down most of the north-east. The estimates are still general but, in just the first week of February, the industry reckons it may be facing claims worth more than $1 billion. If the adverse weather conditions continue through 2011, it may be yet another record-breaking year for claims. In practical terms, this means heavy wet snow has built up and brought down roofs and power cables with consequent blackouts. Anything that forces the shut-down of business is bad news. The question is therefore how you should aim to protect your bottom line should some disaster force you to abandon your current building.

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Business insurance and workers compensation

The idea of paying workers who are too injured or ill to continue working has always been a little controversial. We are rooted in the common law idea that employers only pay for another’s misfortune if they are at fault. It’s all to do with the due process clause in the Constitution where courts are supposed to test whether the employer is properly liable. But, thanks to the Supreme Court, compensation laws have been around for a hundred or so years, with all states now having varying degrees of protection for employees and subcontractors. You will have to refer to your own state for details of the local rules. The general effect of these laws is to provide a no-fault basis for the payment of money to employees who are unable to continue working.

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