Small business insurance and employee business insurance

When hiring new employees, it is important to make sure you get the right person for the job. Your business reputation is your bottom line. Whom you hire represents your company to the public during operating hours and after work. Your choices can cost you your profits and make small business insurance more expensive.

Is it ok to scrap background checks to save a few dollars on your HR budget? Probably not. If you want to follow the popular trend and nix the credit report portion of the background check, that might be ok. Because of the economic downturn, much of the workforce has experienced something that will show negatively on their credit report and many people have even gone through bankruptcy filings. Most positions offered by small business in the US are customer oriented, sales, service, or small manufacturing. Choosing when and how you use credit reporting can save you money. If you are looking for someone to handle your accounting, financing, or a broker position, then credit reporting can help. Remember, an applicant must consent to you doing a credit check before you do it.

Other background checking can be a bit more important. Always take the time to talk to the references a potential employee offers. They can tell a lot about the personality of the potential employee and help you understand if he or she will be a good fit. Review the employment history and check the HR personnel at the previous jobs. It is better to find something out before you invest time and training with someone instead of going through the tribulations of firing him. Only occupations that directly work with pharmaceuticals, children, and the elderly require a criminal background checks. However, there are positions that felons are prohibited to work at such as selling liquor. Stiff penalties can be levied if you failed to do a proper background check and hired a convicted criminal for such a position.

Criminal background checks can help you avoid employing someone with violent tendencies. You can help keep your premiums down on the liability portion of your insurance if you can show proof of doing a thorough check of you new hires. Professional services can handle the job often for $50 to $100 depending on how much detail you want in the report. Compare business insurances providers and ask if background checks can bring your premiums down.

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