Protecting your business from product liability claims

You may be accused for causing injuries by your product right from the moment it’s marketed to the moment it’s discounted and even after. And your “product” includes just everything:

  • the product itself
  • advertising
  • instructions
  • shipping package
  • display package
  • labels, warnings and other on–product messages

Having all these aspects as possible causes of legal responsibility, you should consult with your lawyer to work out a risk management strategy that will protect your business from product liability claims. Basically such a strategy will involve a thorough organization of paperwork and investigations regarding customer complaints on the products you manufacture or sell. Some key elements of minimizing product loss claims are:

  • good design
  • intense testing
  • accurate paperwork
  • evaluation of hazard potential
  • customer access to information
  • product identification
  • effective recall option

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