Protecting your human resources

There are many risks your employees may face when doing their job, starting from unfavorable working conditions to stress. To keep your workers fresh, healthy and productive you should address all the potential hazards they may faces at their workplace. Managing risks in this domain involves a complex interaction between managers, workers and supervisors. You should take all the necessary measures in order to minimize your workers’ compensation risk.

A professional ergonomist can help you evaluate any manual processes and minimize injury or damage risks, maximizing at the same time the potential and the efficiency of working operations. Often, ergonomics involve:

  • job redesign
  • load reduction
  • clean floors
  • workspace improvement
  • job rotation
  • equipment updates
  • automation
  • employee gymnastics

Don’t expect to eliminate all the risks at the workplace, because it’s nearly impossible. Injuries will happen, and it’s very important to know how to act if your employee is injured:

  • collaborate with your healthcare provider in order to bring employees back to work as soon as possible;
  • work out ways of modifying the tasks while the employee is healing;
  • keep communicating with the injured employee so that the worker doesn’t distance from his or her workplace.

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