Umbrella business insurance

Why would you need umbrella business insurance?
Nobody knows what might happen the next day. It could be a natural disaster, terrorist attack or a big law suit. In any case the results would be devastating for a small business, leaving it almost bankrupt. In such cases umbrella type small business insurance is the perfect solution, providing coverage when your typical business insurance policy is limited.

What umbrella business insurance is all about?

Umbrella business insurance provides coverage extending the limits of your basic business insurance policy. It is very important for facing unexpected events that may ruin your business. Umbrella business insurance is not expensive and in some cases could be crucial for keeping your business running.

How does umbrella business insurance work?

Umbrella business insurance policies extend the amount of coverage provided by your basic business insurance when needed.

For Example, Several people were inflicted injuries on your business’s property and require $2.5 million for covering medical costs but the liability limit of your business insurance policy is only $1.5 million. In case you’re found liable the umbrella insurance policy will cover the additional $1 million.

Medical Treatment Cost $2,500,000
Basic Liability Limit $1,500,000
Umbrella Policy Coverage $1.000,000 Gap

Extra insurance reinforcement

Umbrella business insurance provides such an option. Different insurance companies provide different amounts of umbrella insurance coverage, extending the limits of basic insurance policies and providing coverage over business liability, auto liability and workers’ compensation.

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