Why business insurance is required?

Insurance is a necessary acquisition for any business, representing an agreement between the company and the customer that the insurance company will provide reimbursement for specific types of financial loss against a specified fee the customer will pay on a regular basis.

Insurance can be regarded as a form of cushion that is used to minimize the financial consequences of unfavorable situations that can take place anytime in the future. Insurance is used to protect assets, finances, employees and assure customer liability defense. Any business owner shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having his business protected through insurance. It is simply the best way to minimize the risks connected to circumstances that you cannot control and that can put you out of business for good, threatening even your personal assets.

There are two major types of insurance for small business that any business owner should think about.

Mandatory insurance

The first type of insurance your business will need is the obligatory type of coverage that is required by state and federal law. This type of insurance includes coverage for unemployment, social security as well as workers’ compensation. Unemployment and social security coverage offer certain benefits to the employees and their families, including coverage for aged and disabled, retirement benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Worker’s compensation coverage deals with all work-related damage and injuries that a worker sustains at the workplace, and is usually applied for paying for the medical expenses.

Optional insurance

Optional types of small business insurance coverage include protection from different unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster, catastrophic events, riots, strikes and other types of damage. One of the most popular options in this section is the Business Owner Coverage that is often regarded as an all-in-one insurance solution, protecting from anything starting with flood and fire to wars and technological disasters. Another very popular type of optional coverage is the property insurance, which pays for the damage both the business and personal property of your enterprise has suffered. Liability insurance as you may guess from the name protects you and your business against potential liability by customers and other people harmed by your actions, services or products.

Other types of insurance coverage you may want to purchase depend on the actual type of business you have, local state requirements and other circumstances that you may want to be covered against. These additional types of coverage include product liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance (quite useful for businesses offering services or involved in production of goods), business income insurance (very useful for minimizing the impact of temporary shutdown or limitations on business). There are additional types of small business insurance coverage that will protect you I case of burglary or machinery malfunction.

Remember that you should purchase insurance coverage according to your actual business needs. Do not purchase coverage against risk you are very unlikely to face in your activities. If you don’t know where to start, ask your insurance agent or broker about specific types of insurance coverage that your business may find particularly useful. And don’t forget to shop around when purchasing a policy. There are many insurance companies offering small business insurance, so don’t rush off to get the first policy offered. Consider all your options and choose the most competitive one.

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